A bill was put forth the public in 1927 for a new high school, but it was voted down. The bill was voted on again in 1928 and finally passed. The cost of Great Falls High was $1,150,000 and the  school was finished on July 21, 1930, with an enrollment of 1,760 students that year. People came from all over the state to see the high school on the hill that had a gymnasium that allowed two basketball games to be played at the same time.  

The school and campus is modeled after an Ivy league college. Many trees adorn the campus and any building additions to the school have been carefully planned out so that they fit in with the current design.

In 1977 a vocational-technical wing was opened and in 1980 a new physical education facility, complete with a pool was opened. In 1998 an addition was put on the P.E. facility that added 13 new classrooms. This is now known as South Campus.  Also in '98 a new wrestling room facility was donated and built to look like the original building emphasizing the beauty of the brick and the designs of the school.

Great Falls High School is a masterpiece of architectural design. The tradition of the school and it's beauty make it a source of pride for anyone fortunate enough to attend or teach school here.


                                                    Address: 1900 Second Avenue South, Great Falls,  MT  59405

                                                    Phone: (406) 268-6250

                                                    Enrollment:  1,745

                                                    Mascot: BISON

                                                    School Colors: Navy Blue, Columbia Blue and White

                                                    Principal: Dr. Fred Anderson

                                                    Associate Principals: Paul Culbertson, Paula Paul & Beth Gerhart

                                                    Superintendent: Dr. Cheryl Crawley